Tombs of the Dundee Howff

Tombs of the Dundee Howff begun in 2001 initially as a few pages of 16th Century monuments which was then expanded upon by a survey which had been completed for the Logie Cemetery, following on from this it was then decided to expand the Howff pages into a full blown survey of the burying ground and also to add archive information with kind permission from both the Dundee City Archive and Dundee Central Libraries, this includes newspaper articles, old photographs and missing inscriptions.

At present there are 2000+ separate monument pages to view with many being accompanied by a photograph. Other cemeteries now included within the site at present are St Aidan's, St Peter's, New Howff and Logie, with plans to add more in the future.

Due to the loss of the previous site this is at present restored from a backup and is in the process of being updated and very much work in progress.

21st Century High Architecture Or Just

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The news that the new country house for Rowan Atkinson has been approved by the Oxfordshire Planning Committee despite being recommended for refusal by the Authority's Planning Officers is in danger of raising again the rather tired debate about Modernism versus Classicism in the British countryside. But this is entirely the wrong debate. Dragging out the two old war horses onto the jousting fields of Middle England is displacement activity that takes the attention away from a more pressing, contemporary debate affecting Western culture more generally that could be aired if the war-horses could be put back in their stables for a while.

3 Ways To Prevent Pollution

Pollution is one of the major problems people face nowadays. This problem has been going on until now. You may want to start to prevent it gradually by reading this article. This article provides three ways to prevent pollution:

1. Dispose trash properly - Always make sure to dispose trash properly. When you are eating something such as junk foods or any food that has wrappers, it is best that you throw these wrappers properly into the trash cans or garbage cans. Small papers should not be thrown anywhere. No matter how small and tiny a thing might be, it is always best to throw it immediately to avoid polluting the place. Big things start from small beginnings. When you start it by your own, the rest will follow. Try to be a role model. Show the people how to dispose trash properly to avoid pollution. The little thing that you do can make a big difference in the world.

Pangnse Advanced Ip Ngn Architecture

Cisco Certified Architecture is the highest level of qualifications possible within the Cisco Requirements program. It is the epitome for individuals wanting to show their official approval of Cisco technologies and facilities structure.

This famous qualification recognizes the structural expertise of program Architectures who can support the increasingly complex networks of worldwide organizations and effectively turn organization methods into major technical methods. A Cisco Certified Architecture increases the organization requirements and objectives necessary to produce a strategy for a, large-scale, complex, worldwide program. They can turn organization factors and objectives into functional requirements for a program design. In addition, Cisco Certified Architectures can clearly communicate and recommend suggested Cisco program architectures.

Pangnfe Advanced

The Cisco IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) Structure Skills shows knowledge the IP NGN architecture, from revenue to support. The Innovative IP Next-Generation Network Structure Skills is not currently required for qualifications, but is optionally available for Gold and Leading qualified associates. We are also flying the addition of this specialization as an option for Gold Certification.

Is your organization interested in taking full advantage of the Cisco Innovative IP NGN Structure Skills for Gold Certification? If so, deliver an email that contains your associate organization name and a member of the program staff will contact you with more details.

Architecture Industry In New Era 3d Architectural

3D Architectural Modeling has made crucial change in methodology of developing architectural designs and plans for various types of buildings. In the past time architects create handmade designs and drawings but after innovation of 3D modeling, architects are now creating more accurate 3D models to satisfy various purposes. 3D Architectural Modeling becomes indispensable tool for architectural industry to visualize building models.

In the modern era paper plans and paper presentations are considered as outdated techniques. All architects are now depending on architectural 3D modeling to show future buildings models on computer. After getting this technology in daily use all architects ensure maximum accuracy and error free 3D models. Generally this technique is used to generate 3D interior models and 3D exterior models, but with moving world it is now also used for product modeling. Various business firms are taking interest in making of 3D product models to promote their business and this shows importance of 3D architectural modeling.

Architecture Jobs High Demand For Professionals

Summary: Architecture is a fascinating career option for students who wish to use their creativity and imaginative skills in building a wonderful structure.

There are many good opportunities in terms of jobs for the students pursuing architecture studies in related fields like structural engineering and interior designing as well.

Architecture is a vast field that offers lots of growth opportunities to students who wish to pursue a career in this field. Most of the architects are trained in different areas which gives them a wide scope to pursue careers across various field that are closely related to their profession. It all depends on their creative skills and their area of interest to get success from this profession.

Bellapais Abbey The Most

Made famous by the author Lawrence Durrell in his classic novel ˜Bitter Lemons of Cyprus', the beautiful and timeless village of Bellapais is truly a ˜must see' during any holiday to Northern Cyprus. Of all the villages charms and attractions, Bellapais Abbey stands out above all else. One of the best-preserved and most elegant excellent examples anywhere of Lusignan period Gothic architecture, the Abbey seems to bring an atmosphere of calm to the village.

The site of Bellapais Abbey was originally home to a group of Augustinian monks, known as The Order of Brothers of Premontre, from around 1187AD. Construction of the first substantial building here took around seven years, starting in approximately 1198AD. Further significant construction took place between 1267 and 1284 (in the reign of Hugh III of France) and further between 1324 and 1359 (in the reign of Hugh IV). The Abbey was first known as the Abbaye de la Paix, the name being changed to Bella Paise during the Venetian rule of Cyprus and later to Bellapaix before finally changing to Bellapais Abbey as it is known today. The history of Bellapais and the abbey is as convoluted as that of Cyprus as a whole. The Lusignan monarchs held the abbey in great esteem and was said to have held a fragment of the true cross, but when the Genoese overran the island of Cyprus in 1373, the prominence of the abbey became lesser. Its treasures were plundered and the order of monks fell into decline, both physical and moral. Following the Ottoman conquest of the island around 1750, the monastery, as it was then, was given over for the use of the Greek Orthodox Church, the monks being summarily evicted. The abbey remained under the protection of the church until the division of the island in 1974. The site houses a superb chapel, complete with stunning iconography.

Best Growing Tomatoes Does Burying

Learning how to produce the best growing tomatoes you can does not mean you have to be the most skillful gardener around, but, knowing a few basics will make the experience easier and fun. Many gardeners strongly believe that burying fish helps your tomato plants.

The various fish parts, such as the bones, heads, and guts contain many beneficial nutrients. As the protein breaks down in the buried fish, vitamins, minerals, and nitrogen are released - all of that can help you attain the best growing tomatoes. The protein helps to support root and foliage growth, as well as to promote vigorous blooms.

Many varieties of fish can be used - salmon, trout, herring, and sardines are the more common ones. Whichever kind you choose, it is best to bury them well before planting your tomato plants - that way the decomposing process will not be drawing nutrients from the soil at the same time the plant is trying to get the soils' nutrients.

Canvas Photo Printing

Canvas photo printing is a marvellous way to experiment and show of your photographs without the fuss of worrying what the results are to make. Basically when you have a photo transferred to canvas even if it's a photo that you not so fond of your always going have great results as having a canvas print made up just gives your photos so much character and it can go from you not liking a photo to absolutely loving the photo, not many photography type wall decoration subjects can do that now can they. It's just amazing.

Have you ever thought a getting a montage made up with some of you old photos, it's give of a fabulous effect that everyone seem to really love, it's the fact that you have these old photos all together and merged with each other even thought they still keep the character of looking very fragile they seem to work very well and just create this big mind boggling arty collage that you just want to show off to the world, I would be the same to be honest.

Climbing Frames And Play

As a retailer of climbing frames and other play structures to the UK market I sometimes get asked if planning permission is needed for putting a play structure in the garden.

The answer to this is ˜generally no'. In fact, I have yet to come across anyone who has bought a play structure from my web sites and has needed planning permission. These are regarded as temporary structures and there is normally no problem.

However, if you live in a part of the country which is a conservation area, or there are covenants or restrictions in your lease or deeds then these may affect whether you can put up your play structure.

This sort of thing is rare and only you will know if you are affected by anything like this. If you are in any doubt then a quick word with your local planning department should clear up any worries.